Heat Protection Spray

Stop damaging your hair! No really, stop. You are only hurting yourself here by not taking care of your strands. It obvious that you are shivering when you come out of the shower and want to rung to your room to blast your hair with that warm blow dryer of your. But if you care about your hair, you will throw on a robe and do the right things:

•    Properly prepare your hair for heat styling
•    Apply heat protecting hair care product like a spray, serum, mousse or cream before subjecting your strands to high temperatures from irons and dryers.

Any hair care expert will tell you that in order to prevent damage to your lovely hair, it is important to follow the above instructions.

Heat Protection SprayHeat Protection Spray is a must if you style your hair regularly or occasionally. Curling, blow drying, crimping, perming, tongs, curling rods etc., use high temperature to bring about the styling effect as well as a lot of damage. Though styled hair looks awesome, we also need to thing about the damage it does to our hair. Heat protection spray protects hair from heat damage by shielding by forming a layer on heat strands.

What is Heat Protection Hair Spray?

When trying to keep up with the latest trends in flat- ironing and blow outs, heat protection hair spray is required to keep your hair healthy. It doesn’t matter what hair style on seeks to achieve, heat protection hair spray ensures that the hair comes through the styling process looking silky, feeling soft and without any breakage. Several well know hair care products manufacturers make heat protection hair spray.

Choosing a heat protection spray

Everyone’s hair is created differently. There are various types of variations ranging from coarse to fine, from curly to wavy and even straight hair. Using heat in the form of curling iron, blow dryers and flat irons is the latest and modern way for styling such hair into the trendiest looks. However, the various types of hair respond differently to the heat. To combat any issues, the heat protection hair spray also contains solutions tailored to the various hair types.

One should choose the protection spray that best fits your hair’s reaction to heat styling. For ex, use hair protection spray with frizz control for coarse hair, with straitening solution for wavy hair and taming solution for heat styling curly hair.

High heat protection sprays, what is it?

Going from blow outs using a blow dryer on high heat on damp hair to an extremely hot flat iron or curling iron is often part of one hair styling session. Such a process requires high temperature and heat in excess of 450 degrees Fahrenheit, a very high temperature for hair. High Heat Protection Spray are a must under such high heat styling conditions. These protection hair sprays are made in such a matter to withstand the temperatures without breaking down and leaving your hair unprotected.

High heat styling using heat protection sprays is the best way to achieve any fashionable style, under any styling conditions.

How to use?

On damp hair, spray evenly prior to blow drying. Before using a flat iron or curling iron, lightly mist onto sections of dry hair and follow by a short blast of the dryer to remove any dampness. If using any additional products, layer the heat protecting serum or spray as the last step before applying heat.

While using heat protection spray, use it on wet hair because it will ensure that all hair strands are evenly coated. Also comb the hair so that the liquid gets evenly distributed.

If you do not use heat protection spray before styling, it can lead to frizzy, dry hair with split ends and breakage. Here is a tip, always look for ceramic coating in styling tools because such a coating evenly distributes heat without burning hair. Also ever straighten you hair when it is soaking wet, in fact do not straighten wet hair at all. When high temperatures are applied to wet hair, it can cause irreparable damage, so it’s always better to be safe than sorry!